Matteo Minelli Maria Cristina Minelli Brewed using only our own barley, which is artisanally processed Only with water
from the water springs
of Gualdo Tadino

This is how Matteo and Maria Cristina decided to create Flea. They were born in Umbria, very close to the well-known water springs of Gualdo Tadino, in a land capable of producing the best barley since the Middle Ages. In other words, beer was in their fate.

The FLEA brewery is a business challenge, a project showing how much this family loves this town, and combines the best tradition with a very modern approach:
the best tradition of brewing combined with high quality standards and production innovation.

First of all... the best raw materials.

In accordance with the best quality standards, the Flea brewery uses a very pure water and a high quality malt. Malts used in the brewing process are obtained from 100% Italian barleys, grown in our own lands, in order to guarantee a short distribution chain.

We don’t use unmalted grains. Our beers are both unfiltered and unpasteurized, and refermented in the bottle in order to preserve their original organoleptic properties, without the addition of chemical additives.


Drink Responsibly