Birra Flea. Cruda e pura.

Strong like the land from where it was born, transparent like the soul of its creators,
authentic like the ingredients it is made of.


Passion, tradition and production innovation,
in accordance with the best quality standards.

The Brewery

Beer Bastola

Degrees Plato (°P) 16,5

6,9% Vol.

Temperature 10-12°C

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The character

Intense taste, lightly bitter with an aftertaste of caramel and hazelnut due to the use of special malts, and a creamy and adherent head.


Several legends and traditions related to the town of Gualdo Tadino
are linked to a woman known as Bastola.
According to many medieval chronicles she was
the personresponsible for a fire that destroyed our town, which was then rebuilt by Frederick II. Poets, artists and historians described Bastola as a witch, a spy or a seductive enchantress.
Even in present days, during the celebrations of our medieval festival, we recall her evil figure and her execution at the stake.

Glass of Beer Bastola

Beer Bianca Lancia

Degrees Plato (°P) 13

5% Vol.

Temperature 6-8°C

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The character

Fresh taste and low bitterness, spicy, very fruity and slightly acid, with a thick, creamy and adherent head.


Bianca Lancia, an Italian noblewoman from Piedmont, was one of the four wives of Emperor Frederick II and probably the one he loved the most. They maintained
a long-lasting secret
relationship and according to some historians she was the only true love
of his life. She was a kind and delicate person,
and was constantly and discreetly present during Frederick’s life.
Their marriage took place when Bianca Lancia was dying, in order to legitimate the political climb of their son Manfred,
who later became the last Swabian King of Sicily.

Glass of Beer Bianca Lancia

Beer Costanza

Degrees Plato (°P) 13

5,2% Vol.

Temperature 6-8°C

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The character

Fresh taste, slightly fruity and bitter, with a thick, creamy and adherent head.


Constance of Hauteville, Emperor Frederick II’S mother, was celebrated by Dante as “the great Costanza”. The Supreme Poet underlined her resoluteness on the political scene but also her refinement. Constance is also the name of the eldest daughter of Alfonso II of Aragon, Constance of Aragon, who was Frederick II’s first wife. They married in 1209 and she was crowned “Queen of Sicily”. Therefore, our beer Costanza was created to celebrate the two Queens.

Glass of Beer Costanza

Beer FedericoII

Degrees Plato (°P) 14,5

5,9% Vol.

Temperature 6-8°C

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The character

Rather bitter, with a herbaceous aftertaste due to the use of selected hops and a thick, creamy and adherent head.


Frederick II is considered to be the first modern ruler and one of the most important figures of the Middle Ages. He was King of Sicily, King of Germany, King of Jerusalem and a Holy Roman Emperor. He played a significant role in promoting literature through the Sicilian school of poetry. His life was constantly linked with that of the Ghibelline town of Gualdo Tadino; Frederick gave to the town a new urban pattern and shaped its history for centuries to come.

Bicchiere Birra FedericoII

Stories of cooking

Birra Flea is the main character in our kitchen.
Pairings and ideas for both traditional and daring dishes,
capable of telling stories about flavors and aromas

Love for good food narrated
by Bastola, Federico II, Bianca Lancia e Costanza.

The Recipes

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